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My name is Laurence Winkel. I was born and raised in Paris (France) and then moved to Switzerland when I was 23. I live in a small village in the countryside nearby Lausanne. My studio is my entire home. I ‘am creating during my free time, every moment I can.

Coming from a family where arts and crafts are part of regular life, I started creating at my very young age, supported and advised by all my beloved ones.

From my Grandma, I learned sewing and old techniques of embroidery. From my Mother, I learned drawing, painting, floral art and high sensitivity to color schemes. With my Grandpa, I felt in love with the beauty of nature as well as magic and mystical stories, old legends and antique cultures. My Dad passed on to me his passion to discover antique and unique objects from all over the world  and the art of restoring them. He has always been my closest and most involved "teacher", my wisest critic and above all the one who has shown me confidence and always encouraged me to go beyond my personal limits.

So, it is very naturally that, ever since, I use, try and mix all kind of material and techniques. I love to work and create with many. The pieces I create are very different in type and style but they all reflect my personal experiences. Evolving in technique, material used, kind of creation is for me as natural as the course of life and answer a deep need.

To this day, to create jewels I am using various kind of beads, soutache, natural stones, crystals, feathers and more recently wire/resin technique. To create objects, I work mainly with different kind of clay, natural stones, crystals, paints, pastels, wood, feathers…

Everything I create is an expression of what I am sensitive to, what makes me dream, what I found beautiful and what I am experimenting in my life.  My goal is all about creating for sharing. I wish each piece created to be unique, and meaningful to its future owner.  I make each and every one of them with a deep care for details, with passion, heart and soul, and of course a spark of magic….

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